I suppose I should talk about myself here. After all, that’s what the fine institution of the About Page is for, is it not? I could go into the fine history of the About Page, beginning from the ancient Roman forum, but that’s neither here nor there. Rather, we are here to talk about me. I’m just your average 16-years-old jack of all trades named James Vernon. No, James is not my first name, but it’ll do for now.. I hail from the city of Leicester, in the East Midlands area of England. It’s quite a nice place, I suppose. Rich with history and all that. I mean, we’ve had our share of famous people. Gok Wan, the Attenboroughs, John Deacon from Queen, I could go on. (Although, to be fair, John Deacon was from Oadby, which lies just outside of Leicester and is in fact where I live.)

I do a lot of things with my spare time. The enjoyment of video games is my primary interest, as I am young, male and exposed fully to the wonders and dark crevasses of the internet. However, when I am actually productive, I generally spend it writing stories and creating 3D models. Those two are pretty much my main talents outside of scholarly activities. I’m currently undertaking my A-Levels, the subjects of which are Further Mathematics (which is the whole Mathematics A-Level in the first year and six more modules worth of Maths in the second), Physics and Computing.

I’m not a very social person, ordinarily. The number of friends I have in everyday life outside of my bedroom could be counted on my hands. But then again, I did lose roughly half of them in a very messy car accident. (That last sentence is a lie. It was three quarters.) However, there are times when I will step out of my social bubble and converse with others, utilising my vocal chords to their fullest. If I haven’t driven them away with my lack of social skills within twenty minutes, I’m quite likely to consider them a friend.

As mentioned in the section about my talents, I quite like to play video games. I generally prefer the less serious games, like Team Fortress 2, Minecraft and the like, but there are exceptions, none of which I will list here because I’m trying to talk about other things in this paragraph. I also quite enjoy non-computer based gaming, such as tabletop RPGs and card games. However, those two interests are generally squashed beneath video games, as they require contact with other people, which, as I’ve mentioned, is not one of my strong points.

I think I’ve rambled on long enough about myself. Keep in mind that this page is generally going to be a cut above my usual blog post style. A fine comparison would be that this page is to my blog posts as fine wine is to urine fresh from a cow with herpes.



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