Posted by: Hummingbird James | October 13, 2010

The Tulip

I’ve decided to try out a new form of story, inspired by Tim Sevenhuysen and his 50 Word Stories. Instead of limiting myself to 50, which is something I’ll probably never do without seeming boring, I’m limiting myself to 250, allowing me to flesh out a character or two. This is the first of these such stories.


There was once a very special tulip. The tulip stood all alone, growing by the side of a garden path. People walked past it, disregarding it for it was alone. One day, the tulip had enough of this and uprooted itself. It headed down the garden path, to the human house it led to. It hurriedly climbed through the cat-flap in the back door, and scurried through the kitchen to the bottom of a cupboard. It grabbed a hold of the pattern on the cupboard with its leaves, and started climbing.

It took about ten minutes for the tulip to reach the top of the cupboard. It looked around. The kitchen was a vast expanse, for a tiny thing like the tulip. There was a set of drawers on top of the cupboard. The tulip, intensely curious of this new world, started pulling the drawer open, its leaves wrapping around the handle. It slowly slid out, and the tulip jumped on top. There were rows of various implements, made from a mysterious shiny substance.

One of the implements looked different than all the others. It shined more than the others. Its round head – was it a head? The tulip wasn’t sure – seemed to reach out and grab the tulip. Suddenly, it rose up, facing directly towards the tulip. The tulip jumped into the drawer, trying to get a closer look at the strange, round object.

The strange, round object took one look at the tulip and bashed its head in.


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