Posted by: Hummingbird James | October 13, 2010

The Disturbance in the Forest

Because I have a lot of free time, have another 250 word story.


The gorilla hurried through the trees, heading in the direction of an almighty sound that he heard. It sounded like a great crunch. Not the kind of crunch you’d normally hear in a forest, though. It wasn’t a tree falling, that’s about as much as he could tell. He ran. It seemed like it was only a good few hundred yards away. The gorilla reached one of those human-built roads. Smoke was billowing from behind the trees on the other side. He ran over, looking both ways to see if one of those monsters with humans in drove by.

The sight that the gorilla came across wasn’t pretty. It was one of those man-made machines, with the front of its yellow frame crumpled up against a tree. The human inside had cracked his skull against the inside of the machine. Poor sod probably died on impact. Blood was running down, out of the front and down the side. This couldn’t do. The gorilla would have to try and clean up a little.

He reached into the back of the machine’s frame to see if he could find something to clean with. His hand brushed against a stick, then grabbed it and pulled it out. It had bristles on one side, at what seemed to be the head. This’d have to do. The gorilla sat down next to one of the round parts of the vehicle, and started rubbing the bristle-stick quite vigorously against it, up and down, side to side.


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