Posted by: Hummingbird James | October 11, 2010

Walter, the Paediatrician with an Ice Cream Van

Walter led a very simple life. He worked at the hospital down near the bay. MacGregor’s General Hospital, they called it. It was a nice place to work. It wasn’t too far from his house, it was staffed by people who genuinely cared for their fellow man (and woman, and those in between) and it paid quite well.

Being a paediatrician carried some social stigma, though. There had been a number of allegations of others in his field behaving very… inappropriately towards the children they treated. Walter wasn’t like that. He liked the smiles on children’s faces. They made him feel as if the world was perfect. At least, this small portion was.

That’s why he bought the ice cream van. Sure, it wasn’t good for them, but he only drove it around every so often. But when he did, it was the highlight of his and the kid’s week. He always took the same path around. Down Upton Street, turn onto Stoughton Road, head straight down to the bay, take it past the hospital, then back up to Upton Street and home. The children loved him.

He could understand them. They were happy-go-lucky, and they loved their toys and their sweets and their friends. Walter was the same way – except instead of action figures, he got cars; instead of a single boiled sweet, he got a bag; instead of the kid next door, he had… well, the guy next door. That isn’t much different.

He was in his office one morning, filing away a few medical records. Bridgwood. B. Archer. A. Wilson. W. He gently shut the drawer of the filing cabinet, and turned his attention to the cage on the table beside. Flopsy the rabbit wasn’t eating his food. That wasn’t good.
“C’mon Flopsy, you gotta eat your food. Else you aren’t gonna grow up to be a big, healthy rabbit.” Walter cooed. Flopsy looked up, then scurried over to his food dish. Walter smiled.

The door opened, and a nurse pushed her head through.
“Dr. O’Reilly, Ben is having a seizure!” She cried.
“I’ll be right there.” Walter rushed towards the door as the nurse ran back to the ward she came from. Just before he left, Walter turned back to look at Flopsy.
“I’ll be gone for a little while. Make sure to eat your lettuce! You’ll grow nice and strong!” Walter grinned.


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