Posted by: Hummingbird James | September 20, 2010

The Precipice of the Bright – Preview

I watched as the group of men hastily struck the ground with their shovels. My men. An army of faceless goons at my beck and call. They dug. They dug like their lives depended on it. Which they did, of course, since I had implanted a bomb into every one in tenth member of my army. I, of course, told them that they all had bombs. Much more cost-effective, and just as terrifying.

They dug.

After a couple of minutes, I casually strolled over, my cape billowing in the wind. I brought up my torch and shone it into the hole, illuminating the dark uniforms of my minions. It must have been a good twelve feet deep, and nine across. I bellow.

“That’s deep enough. Bring the clown car over and dump the load.”

The goons clamber out into the field from the hole clumsily and as fast as possible – they didn’t want to be executed for being slow. A large black van across the grass towards the chasm and spun round a few feet from the edge. The back doors opened like the maws of Hell itself. The neon lights and smoke machines help with the atmosphere.

Random Mooks #625 through #637 dragged a series of man-sized black bags out of the van and viciously tossed them into the pit, making a soft thud as they hit the soil. Random Mook #638 then appeared at the mouth of the vehicle. He had tied a length of rope to the ends of two smaller, child-sized bags and was swinging them like Japanese nunchaku before throwing them in.

I picked up a shovel. It was strong. Sturdy. I swung it at #638’s head and sent him spinning down the twelve foot drop. He was being far too silly and was wasting precious time. I motioned to the rest of the platoon deployed to this venture to start filling in his tomb.

So what do you think so far?


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