Posted by: Hummingbird James | September 20, 2010

National Novel Crapshot For Desert Bus Month

I shall be converting a single Crapshot video from the alumni of LoadingReadyRun for National Novel Writing Month. What’s more, I shall be doing it during LRR’s annual Desert Bus For Hope charity run. In fact, I shall do it as a part of the charity run – for every 10 bucks that are donated to Desert Bus, I will add a word to the final target for my novel. Got that?

I’ll say it again, but bigger.

I am going to add a word to my final target for my National Novel Writing Month novel for every 10 USD donated to Desert Bus.

However, I don’t know what Crapshot I’m going to adapt! This is where YOU, the community of mostly LRR fans because I’m going to link to this on their forums, come in! I’ll set up a poll on the LRR forums (I’ll link to it when I’ve made the poll) AFTER I ask around for the top 10 best crapshots, excluding The Grinder and The Basement, which have been adapted into other forms already (Game and full length LRR video, respectively) and I don’t want to rehash those too much.

I’m hoping that the usual charity vs. spite factor comes into it. But not too much!


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