Posted by: Hummingbird James | September 19, 2010

Sorry about the hiatus.

College (last couple of years of school for you Merkins) just started, and so I’ve been working on my life a little more than my blog. As you can tell, of course. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, I took Further Mathematics, Computing and Physics for my A-Levels. My nerdiness is shining through. (My college also offers these things called enrichments, where you spend an extra lesson a week doing something extra that you want to do. I’m doing two; Delphi Programming (NEEEEERRRRRRRRRD) and Creative Writing. (CRITIIIIIIIIIIIC))

Also, I haven’t really had many ideas of what to write here. I always get this feeling when I start something that requires commitment; I spurt out a load of stuff at the beginning and then I whittle down into nothingness. The internet equivalent of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, I guess.

Why did I compare my e-activity to the world’s worst dick?

Also, I added a Twitter thingamajig on the side so that you can follow me. I don’t know why, I’ll probably use it for dick jokes and insulting Fox News.


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